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Mark Grant is an Australian psychologist/researcher with 30 years of clinical experience. Mark believes that most people know more than they think, and they just need help to recover that early-learning growth mindset that they were born with. Reflecting his origins as the son of an artist and an engineer, he likes to take a creative but practical approach to developing self-help strategies. This means strategies that are consistent with what we know about how the mind and body work - strategies which appeal to sensory-emotional aspects of brain functioning and learning. Such strategies are more intuitive, and quicker than traditional modalities that rely on insight or thinking. This can lead to surprising results - Marks Anxiety Release app, which was designed according to these principles, stimulated the first published account of an app being used to completely resolve chronic pain (in a carpal tunnel syndrome sufferer). Mark’s other apps include Sleep Restore, Calm and Confident and ‘Overcomingpain’ (the latter is integrated with ‘Change Your Brain Change Your Pain’ self-help book).

Grant M (2014). The use of an app to manage carpal tunnel syndrome. OA Behavioral Medicine. Mar 20;2(1):3

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